Clinical Reflexology Session UK Level5

Effective Multi-faceted Reflexology from UK L5 Dip. RA London Grad.

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  • 450 Turkish Lira

Hizmet Açıklaması

Reflexology is a Complementary Supportive Treatment System. It is the whole of systematic pressure applications to nerve bundles in the hands and feet which aim to help the body to reach the state of “homeostasis" by providing complementary benefits of modern medical treatment and to activate the self-healing mechanism that already exists in the body itself. My work does not aim to replace Modern Medicine, but to work together with it. In this context, in addition to attending a 1-year diploma program in the Advanced Clinical Reflexology (Reflexology Academy London, Centralia Level 5), I work in coordination with physicians. Homeostasis means that all metabolic values and activities remain stable in the optimal balance for body health. Reflexology briefly; ● Has been shown to have beneficial health effects through clinical research, ● Its origins date back thousands of years to the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, China and India, ● Its modern state was first developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, ● Primarily on the feet and hands and also on ear surfaces, ● With the application of systematic compression techniques to the nerve endings of our organs, ● Helps to balance the reflex regions of all our organs and systems through stimulation in a healthy way, ● It is a complementary and auxiliary treatment system. "Reflexology is not just a foot massage or any type of massage applied for relaxation. It can also be applied to hand and ear surfaces when necessary. No medicine is used in this method. Known Benefits of Reflexology: Reflexology positively influences the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of body health and vitality in general. The situations on which regular and stable Reflexology Complementary Therapy plays a supporting role in individuals: ● Health protection, ● Prevention of possible diseases, ● Chronic pain, ● Balancing stress and anxiety, ● Converting tension to relaxation, ● Feeling good by boosting morale, ● Patient comfort in chronic, ongoing diseases, ● Providing the body's skills and mobility, ● Gait and posture disorders, ● Chronic back, waist and other muscle pain, ● Relaxation of extremely tired hands, feet and all body areas, ● Digestive system disorders, ● Redressing and maintaining the hormonal balance, ● Strengthening the immune system, ●Chronic cough and other respiratory system diseases, ● Circulatory abnormalities, ● Joint pain and balancing of joint fluids.

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