Organic Intelligence® Resiliency

Organic Intelligence® Mindfulness, Human Resiliency, and Empowerment

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Organic Intelligence (OI) is a new and unique protocol for resilience and strengthening in human beings that aims to solve stress, anxiety and post-concussion stress syndrome with a compassion approach. According to OI theory, it is wrong to focus on what is wrong in a session, including focusing on trauma. OI is shifting from pathology and trauma-oriented approach to a human psychology and physiology towards a proven perspective adapted from the wisdom of mindfulness and self-regulation science. OI teaches how the transition from a tense system to healing occurs and makes it possible to free from pain. Emancipation from pain becomes freedom for an authentic vibrating life inside and now. Rather than providing spontaneous insight, OI aims to guide physio-emotional states, which are traceable according to a protocol coordinated with depth, occur naturally with change of the sensation in the body, and increase adaptability in the rhythm of integrated biology. OI was developed by Steve Hoskinson, who trained thousands of practitioners and trains trauma analysis instructors in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Human Nature starts by questioning OI human nature. In the heart of our human nature, there is an extraordinary courage, an irrepressible drive for discovery, and an almost miraculous social tendency. They manifest themselves as generosity, self-sacrifice, and bonding with various species living in our home and heart. It is not a secret that the mystery of human nature is love, affection. Science and Wisdom OI is constituted by psychology, complex structures, anthropology and biology, as well as mystical schools of innate science and ancient wisdom traditions. OI combines and integrates the understanding of - biological, psychological and spiritual - wisdom of our inner nature and modern synchronized systems. In summary, OI makes it easier for us to experience our capacity to liberate from endless effort by re-calibrating and adjusting our nervous system. A re-tuned nervous system opens the way for harmony in life, again and again to freely get in touch with life and love. OI offers us the opportunity to find ourselves together with rising compassion and sustainable action with a combination of sincerity and ease. Nishkam Karma described the combination of sincerity and ease in Sanskrit as “acting responsibly, regardless of the outcome.” The Organic Intelligence® approach is adapted to my sessions.

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