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Balancing all layers that make it'us', from body to consciousness.

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Hizmet Açıklaması

Heal&More® The Best You is an online multi-disciplinary treatment complementary application and guided self treatment service, aiming to facilitate you to get out of the subjects and cycles that you want to be liberated in mind, body, relationships, every element of life that makes you. This study can be done both as an individual session and as a group workshop. By listening to the participant fully, with a completely personal approach, we move forward by determining the doors through which the client will receive the most benefit. Please contact for detailed information about my works which help the individual to awaken on his/her own by reviving the elements such as freshness, clarity, efficiency, endurance, strength, aesthetic appearance, calmness, awareness, creativity, free expression in the short term at mental, physical levels and beyond them at the hearth level to which the individual and the group wants to rise and by showing them to steer their inner treasures in the long term with the experience I have gained through working in the corporate field and studies I have done with high management.

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