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1. What kind of benefits can I gain from your studies?

Heal&More® is a comprehensive set of applications, which is synthesized from academic intelligence upon the self-regulation potential of the human body, in order to assist the treatment processes of the modern medicine science. Regardless of the dynamics of the unhealthiness in question, Heal&More® procedures basically work for stabilizing the balance between the body, the conscious and the sentiments, in line with the treatment procedures of the holistic medical approach, which is coming to regain more and more acceptance lately. With this approach, Heal&More® focuses on both the facilitation of curing periods and the preserving the metabolic balances of the healthy individuals. Reaching out your ultimate metbolic stability is the main purpose of Heal&More®.

In addition, you can take clinical reflexology trainings, either individually or as a group, to benefit in your daily life or you can open new horizons for yourself with our certification program in alliance with the Reflexology Academy London. For detailed information about or trainings, please do not hesitate to reach Heal&More® from here or via 00905347264486. ​

2. How many sessions do I have to take in order to benefit?

Since our sessions are tailor made for each case, we are deciding the optimum number of sessions together with you. We plan the steps based on the dynamics of your situation and form our schedule in advance according to the big picture ahead. For this, we invite you to a personal holistic analysis as the first step of our procedures. In order to both holistically grasp your case and make you understand its physiological, psychological and energy level dynamics, we make a face to face analysis “with” you. These analysis are better made face to face but for our counselees out of İstanbul, Skype meetings are also available. You can ask countless questions during this meeting and if not satisfied, you can take back the price for the analysis. Please kindly read the real time counselee feed backs about our former cases in here.

3. What kind of techniques do you use in your sessions?

Heal&More has been designed to re-create a tailored holistic treatment for each counselee, in order to reach her/his sentiments through her/his body and consciousness. So, even though further steps are being formed during the sessions, depending on the needs of the counselee, physical procedure of Reflexology constitutes the main step of every sessions. A conscious and sentiment oriented treatment follows, by incorporating counselee's own Organic intelligence into the process. These two techniques and the coaching principals are the corner stones of the sessions. Upon this basis, Theta Healing and/or Reiki can be used in the further steps of the sessions, depending on the overall position of the counselee. As part of its holistic approach, special treatments focusing on the effects of either daily stress or past traumas on face, dorsal muscles and vertebra are also among the treatment portfolio of Heal&More®. Facial Reflexology for rejuvenation and back pain focused manual therapies for spine/posture alignment are the special treatments of Heal&More®, meticulously synthesized from basic anatomy, massage and reflexology trainings.

4. Do you use any medicine or other auxiliary material in your treatments?

Each and every treatment of Heal&More® is based solely on the neutral balance and self-intelligence of the human body. This is why we do not need to use any medicine or material in our sessions and treatments. Only in case of counselees with irritable or sensitive skin, shall we use skin moisturizer with natural ingredients, if it is demanded by the counselee.

5. Do your sessions and treatments have side effects?

Since Heal&More® is working only for supporting the medical processes by activating the metabolism’s own healthy state, the only side effect which has been rarely reported till today was the situation we call “healing crisis”. This situation can basically be defined as a slight increase in the pains of counselee, depending on the her/his metabolism, just before the beginning of decreasing trend towards healing. The pain in our muscles as they begin to strengthen with sports, would be the best descriptive approximation for the situation of healing crisis. It was observed that the healing crisis pains have permanently gone, as the sessions get further.

6. How do you support the medical science in your treatments?

First of all, as a biomedical engineer msc, I have a solid background in medical sciences. Before founding Heal&More®, I have professionally worked on life supporting medical devices, which is among the highly technologized parts of the modern medical science, for more than 10 years. This contributes in my current profession on several basis, such as being knowledgeable with the human anatomy with its main working principles, understanding the medical diagnosis and related directions of the medical doctors that I am assisting. In addition to my biomedical background, I have gained a further holistic point of view by achieving a Level 5 diploma on clinical reflexology, in the UK (from Reflexology Academy London) where reflexology is legally accepted as a complementary therapy profession for medical processes. All these states that, the sessions and treatments of Heal&More® does not

  • make a medical diagnosis,

  • begin without a medical doctor revision about the current situation of the counselee,

  • offer any counter / alternative therapy for the given medical treatment.

7. Are you actively complementing medical doctors? In which branches?

From the beginning of its foundation, Heal&More® is assisting the medical therapies of doctors in several fields as Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Radiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. You are invited to see the first hand feedbacks of the medical doctors in the Medical Doctor Feeds part of our website and also observe our joint studies in our Instagram account @healandmore. Today, the increasing number of both medical doctors and hospitals, accepting the CAM therapies is a supportive effect for our efforts.

8. I need more information. How can I contact you?

For any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us here 7/24, or on 00905347264486 from Monday to Saturday, between 9.00-19.00. Though Heal&More® works as a team, I Sinan Özcan, value and mind to answer the potential counselees in person, as much as possible. Therefore, please kindly know that in case I cannot answer your phone because of a corresponding session, I will turn back as soon as possible.

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