What is Heal&More® ?

We humans come to the world as multi-layered beings.

Not just as the Body.

Not just as the Mind.

Not just as the Spirit.

In perfect harmony, all intertwined... ​

If we nurture and strengthen each of these layers, capture the right rhythm, and know ourselves as the life continues, we can recapture this harmony, maintain our inner peace, and balance and purse our life flow in a healthy way.

Is there anyone who does not have any stress, problem or health problem in their life? We all know the answer. ​

In order to cope with the mental and physical problems experienced during this life, all one of us must do without exception is to hear ourselves.

It is possible to regain a healthy mind and body and consciousness by listening to our inner voice which we cannot hear and forgot about while we worry about life, have work stress and think about home economy. Because our body, soul and consciousness already know what to do and invite us to return to our inner balance.

I have taken lessons from doyens and trainers who are accepted in Turkey and worldwide by researching and applying this subject for about twelve years. As a father, I created my own methods with the respect I have for human essence as a father and for the balance as an engineer, and I built Heal & More® on these foundations. I'm here to help you rediscover your natural balance which makes you who you really are as a whole at the physical, consciousness and energy levels.

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