What is inside of Heal&More® ?

As a Professional Biomedical Engineer, I have worked with many health technology systems in the field of health for ten years, but I have seen that the most miraculous instrument is human biology. While I was the project manager in medical technologies, I turned my professional life to Holistic Complementary Therapies, where I have been progressing personally for 12 years.

Under the Heal&More® brand, I provide training, workshops and individual sessions in the field of Holistic Wellness.

In my workshops, we strengthen your ability to balance and regulate yourself together by working on your personal subjects in the plane of mind, body, emotion, relationship, consciousness. In this way, I aim to let you live your original and healthy individual state by being freed from your current situation with awareness.

Seminars and Individual Sessions:

  • Organic Intelligence® HEART Nervous System Self-Regulation Sessions and Group Works

  • Holistic Complementary Therapies

  • From Body to Consciousness Seminars and Sessions

  • Four Steps To Real You Workshops

  • UK Reflexology Academy London® Approved Reflexology Training

  • Usui Reiki Training (Enriched with Flexible Endurance)

  • Theta Healing® Adv. Subconscious Clearing

  • Neck Waist Back Posture Alignment

  • Holistic Manual Facial Reflexology

  • Meditation Facilitating

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