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Heal&More Face to Face Therapy

2hrs face to face session of complementary therapies for neural system

  • 2 saat
  • ₺3.600 Türk lirası
  • The Room Dalyan, Muğla

Hizmet Açıklaması

WHERE? - By purchasing this service, you will be making reservations for individual face-to-face sessions that I will hold in The Room Dalyan, Muğla between November 12th an 15th. If you would like to book a session in a different location, please contact us: 05347264486 or HOW? - Your body renews, repairs and strengthens itself. Sometimes life pushes us so hard that the renewal barely keeps up with the frazzle. Give yourself a chance to restore relaxation to your body and mind, and then free balance. From time to time, you may have trouble with getting out of the loops of the life. Your physical conditions; behaviors and habits that you want to improve with various initiatives; your thoughts and feelings that suddenly grip you may all be out of place. If you're in a closed loop, you'll get to the same point no matter what you do. If the body speaks to you in the language of ailments, aches, pains, illnesses, contractions, it's time to listen to it. Your life is full of things you need to do, your body intelligence knows this and it tries to keep you healthy and strong by working in the background so as not to disrupt your work. All you need in return is to listen to your body. You can regain the feeling of lightness, clarity and strength that you are born with, through face-to-face sessions that we will do one-on-one. The Heal&More® face-to-face individual sessions aim to; * create endless benefits from metabolic balance to increasing memory and attention with UK RAL® approved Clinical Focus Reflexology, by enabling all organs from the mind to work at full capacity. * cross all limits in your brain with UK CThA approved-Teresa-Rich-Facial-Reflexology. * awaken the power of self-recovery of the nervous system in order to enable you to freely connect your heart; with Organic Intelligence® * relieve neck, waist and back pain from its sources and to gently balance spinal irregularities with the Veet Mano Spine Alignment Method Heal&More sessions and trainings are complementary and complementary holistic studies and do not replace modern medicine. If you have a problem, you should go to your doctor first.

İptal Koşulları

Rezervasyonuzu iptal etmek veya tarihini değiştirmek için lütfen en geç 7 gün önceden bizimle iletişime geçiniz. Rezervasyon zamanından önceki son 7 gün içinde yapılan değişikliklerde ücret iadesi gerçekleşmez.

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Yelki, Güzelbahçe/İzmir, Turkey

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